Manon Mano, what does that stand for? Besides being two first names and seemingly funny to pronounce, her stage name is only a brief outlook into what Manon brings to her audience, musically. With visual songwriting and smooth lyrics, her voice carries her listeners through stories quirky enough to make them laugh and smile, yet real enough to leave an impact. No matter the venue: "café, outdoors festival, bar or house concert" she can charm the audience to tap their toes and start dancing or simply leave them to gaze and dream.

Growing up in a small northern Albertan francophone hamlet in the Peace River Region, she embodies the simplicity of her roots and radiates it in her performances. Connecting with people from all generations.

With her debut self-titled album releasing in February of 2018, described as “Feel-Good” and “Nostalgic”. The compilation was an introduction to Manon's engaging style of songwriting.
Manon Mano has since then recorded a small but enticing 4 song EP, titled “Why Not” released digitally October 14th, 2018. Which is available through all distribution platforms; Itunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, ect. 

Her stories carry messages of positivity and youthful curiosity, sure to make the inner child laugh and smile.