"Take a walk with gentle songs to get you dreaming, whistling and dancing. A visual journey through stories of sweet fairy-folk tales and a twist of starry night. Songs to spark the imagination and enlighten the inner-child. "


"Prenez une marche en écoutant les chansons de Manon, avec des melodies simple certain de vous faire imaginer, rêver et fair danser les coeurs d'enfants."


The album was created at True-North Recording Studios, recorded and mixed by Jesse Northey. A blend of instruments where used in the creative recording process; 
All thanks to the tremendous help of Jesse Northey, Kevin Bekevich (Bass), Clinton Reid (Harmonica)

Artwork for both albums, "Manon Mano" , "Why Not", where created by the wonderful and incredibly talented Carolyn Gerk at Velvet Hand Designs, Grimshaw AB.